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If you like what you’ve heard or want more information please don’t be shy - get in touch. Contact details are below.

For simple projects you can make a booking direct with Ian

If your project is for broadcast or international distribution it will probably be better to book through one of the agents (they understand all the complicated bits about rights, buyouts, etc)

On a slender budget?

Ian’s studio in Feckenham, Worcestershire (UK) is equipped to broadcast standards. If you’re on a tight budget why not save on studio fees? Files will be supplied fully edited (in wav or mp3 format)  and will be sent via e-mail, FTP or snail mail on Cds. There’s no charge for the studio - just a flat VO fee. If you want to change anything there’s no extra charge for re-takes (within reason!!)



Call Ian Bellion on +44 (0)1527 892130 or +44 (0)7768 693600

e-mail: feckenhamvoice@gmail.com


Contact Katie Matthews-Lee at iCan talk Ltd - Tel: 01858 466749

or Victoria Braverman at voicebookers.com  Tel: 020 7402 2649